Voice-Overs For Phone Systems

Putting your potential clients "on hold" is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of business communications because it's impossible to help everyone straight away, especially in small offices.

Here’s some statistics to ponder:

  • An estimated 70% of business callers are put on hold, and 60% of them hang up within 1 minute and 30% don't even call back.

  • If your callers hear don’t hear anything while on hold, they may think they've been disconnected. Most callers, who hear nothing on hold, hang up within 40 seconds.

  • Callers who receive information from a human voice and music on hold will wait up to 3 minutes longer.
  • You can add a professional male voice actor for less than you expect. Depending on how big your organisation is, Dave can discuss a rate to get a big brand voice to your company.

    On-hold voice over’s also sometimes referred to as IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Some of these systems can be very detailed and contain hours of voice recordings to guide callers through a maze of options. A professional voice talent is much easier for a client to listen to as opposed to getting your receptionist to record a voice over. Hire Dave Kirwan for your next professional on hold voice over by clicking through to the contact page.

    Some uses of a professional voice talent representing your business.

  • On Hold Services

  • Radio and television voice overs

  • IVR voice prompts from voice over talent

  • Auto attendant phone systems

  • Call routing voice over prompts

  • Message broadcasting via phone

  • Message On hold voice over

  • Narration voice overs